Our approach.

We share knowledge, encourage networking and create communities of like-minded people.

Our Mission.

We build communities of people with expert knowledge.

We organiseworkshops and conferences

Sharing expert knowledge is our core value

We provide expert knowledge by bringing in Romania world renown specialists. Our speakers deliver up-to-date and in-depth knowledge on topics which are sensitive for the business community.

Pragmatism, Clarity and Focus

We organise workshops/conferences that focus on very pragmatic and concrete topics generated by business practice. The lectures given by the speakers are to the point and accompanied by examples. At the end of the lecture you will know exactly what to do in the circumstances covered by the topics of the lecture.

Interactivity and affordable rates

You are one of the main actors at our workshops/conferences. You can ask questions and make comments at any time. Our participants receive the same quality knowledge as at any top worldwide workshop/conference at local rates.


We bring in well-known foreign experts that have extensive experience in the topics they address. Our lecturers are highly regarded professors, authors of specialised books or successful practitioners


We provide the latest information on the specific  topics that make the title of our workshops/conferences. Topics debated are always of current importance and follow the most recent practice and doctrine.


We provide workshops/conferences that bring international experts close to you. This allows you to easily fit each of our workshops / conferences into your busy schedule.

Who we are

We are a team of enthusiast conferences and workshops creators. We are driven by the desire to bring together people that share the goals of constant learning, knowledge dissemination, intellectual growth and exchange of ideas. We bring to Romania speakers that are worldwide experts in their field. In the context created by our conferences, they share their experience, knowledge and insights into matters that are of current relevance for the business environment in Romania.

Our partners: Profitable Insights UK, Raluca Nechimis Law Office, Tripart Services, ARDAE – Asociatia Romana de Drept si Afaceri Europene.

Business law workshops & conferences 81%
Other business workshops & conferences 19%








Sharing knowledge and building communities of like-minded people.

GDPR and Antitrust Conference

The event sheds light on the more in-depth implications of the GDPR on the business activity, underlining the way that compliance with GDPR must take into account potential liability under competition regulations.

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