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How do companies make sure they have full rights over the software created, individually or collectively, by their employees or contractors?

Ana Maria Baciu at Remote Employment, IP and IT , 24 July 2019

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Sharing expert knowledge is our core value

We provide expert knowledge by bringing in Romania world renown specialists. Our speakers deliver up-to-date and in-depth knowledge on topics which are sensitive for the business community.

Pragmatism, Clarity and Focus

We organise workshops/conferences that focus on very pragmatic and concrete topics generated by business practice. The lectures given by the speakers are to the point and accompanied by examples. At the end of the lecture you will know exactly what to do in the circumstances covered by the topics of the lecture.

Interactivity and affordable rates

You are one of the main actors at our workshops/conferences. You can ask questions and make comments at any time. Our participants receive the same quality knowledge as at any top worldwide workshop/conference at local rates.


We want to create and offer the content and atmosphere of Brussels and London conferences at Bucharest prices. Our story started out of our nostalgia of the conferences to which we participated abroad where advanced topics and issues were debated. So we wanted to bring in international experts to debate in Bucharest current topics that are in the discussion of the European regulatory and legal elite.


Our story is built on our need to be connected to current and future European regulatory and policy issues and to share them with the local audience. We want our audience not be taken by surprise by the new European regulations and directives. We like our audience be prepared prior to the new obligations coming into force and take advantage of the new opportunities the new rules offer (such as creating GDPR compliant software already prior to GDPR coming into force). We enjoy generating to the audience the good feeling of learning new things and the excitement of discovering in advance the new rules.


Our story is made out of the desire to answer in a new and upgraded manner to business needs. So we invite highly well-prepared and experienced speakers to share legal and business solutions from their experience, study and knowledge of European setting.

The attendees are usually representatives of the large corporations active in Romania (such as Heineken, Erste Bank, Pepsico, Ericsson, PPD, Servier, ING, ENEL, Orange, JTI, OTP Bank, Groupama, Nespresso etc.).

Who we are

We are a team of enthusiast conferences and workshops creators. We are driven by the desire to bring together people that share the goals of constant learning, knowledge dissemination, intellectual growth and exchange of ideas. We bring to Romania speakers that are worldwide experts in their field. In the context created by our conferences, they share their experience, knowledge and insights into matters that are of current relevance for the business environment in Romania.

We are members of: AmCham Romania, ApTI, Center for Data Protection and ARDAE – Asociatia Romana de Drept si Afaceri Europene.

Business law workshops & conferences 81%
Other business workshops & conferences 19%


Claudiu Munteanu

Partner, Dentons Romania

Cristina Dumitrașcu


“I like the conferences organised by EMEA Conferences because they are different than the regular offer. They do allow for a direct interaction with foreign experts that come for the first time in Romania and for the exploration of very practical topics. I had thus access to specialised expertise which is difficult to be obtained otherwise.”

Adrian Iordache

Managing Partner, Iordache Partners

Simona Mitrănescu


“I was happy to participate to the conferences organised by EMEA Conferences. They offered me a new experience through free discussions with foreign experts on very sensitive regulatory matters. Because I know how difficult it is to meet these experts, I do appreciate the events organised by EMEA Conferences.”







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